Surrey United Anti-Capitalists


About Us

SUACS is a united group of students, workers, and unemployed people of all ages and from all walks of life. What unites us is an understanding that capitalism is not working and the need to fight for a better future, free from the rule of profit, the threat of war, fascism and environmental destruction.

SUACS has individual members, but we also have members in groups such as: local branches of the Socialist Party, Peace Party, Socialist Workers Party, Anarchist Federation and others.

Anyone is welcome to organise within SUACS and promote their own organisation. We debate and discuss our ideas with each other as long as we act together in our campaigns.

We are actively involved in campaigns, protests, and direct actions. We support the community, maintain a group allotment to grow food, have discussions on political theory and develop the intellectual and artistic pursuits of our members.

Email for more info: [email protected]